A blend of fine coffees selected by us, and imported
from the best plantations of Brazil and Central America.
A unique, intense and unmistakable flavour, with a velvety cream,
and a spicy aftertaste and hints of vanilla.

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  • ROAST: medium
  • AROMA: intense
  • BODY: medium
  • FLAVOUR: suave - very balanced cup

Cinque Stelle

Excellence in coffee, a typical Neapolitan roast with an unmistakable aroma.
The main characteristics:
a good body and sweetness, low acidity,
a perfectly balanced blend for unique sensations.

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  • ROAST: full city
  • AROMA: fruity and aromatic
  • BODY: high - finely creamy
  • FLAVOUR: floral slightly chocolaty aroma


The product is obtained from a blend of fine and selected coffees
of predominantly Arabica origin, with the typical Neapolitan roasting,
using a cutting-edge decaffeising process,
which allows us to eliminate caffeine, not altering the organoleptic
qualities of the best origins in the blend.

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  • ROAST: medium
  • AROMA: intense
  • BODY: balanced
  • FLAVOUR: slightly spicy
  • CAFFEINE PERCENTAGE: less than 0,1%