Chief executive manager
Antonello Lee

It's hard to imagine what Antonello Lee thought about their future a few decades ago, when he began his business adventure. We believe that behind the hard daily work there was a dream, to produce a coffee of excellence. A process and a corporate path guided and conducted to share it all: family, co-workers, employees, social fabric. Thus the wheel of what is now a company managed and driven with passion, there is a close-knit family group and with the same ideals: passion for coffee, their work, sacrifice, open and fair enterprise-wide.
Those who work in Intesa Caffè knows to be part of something special. Intesa Caffè is not a single person, a family name, a group of colleagues. Intesa Caffè is the sum of its resources: a company that is structured, and it is identified in significant experience in row and roasted coffee and human strength that it is composed.
Empowerment, role, decision-making skills, determination, energy and passion: this is what is offered to all. It’s difficult but it is the most concrete way to give an answer to those who ask for a fine coffee and those who believe to a Intesa Caffè projected into the future.
Those who work and worked in Intesa Caffè knows to be part of a history that is being written in real time, a challenge that has been ongoing since 1980 and who has yet to learn its most beautiful aspects and more intense.
Here, with this publication, we do not want to tell you about the techniques and specific features or tell you about the quality and Intesa coffee, but present who is behind the daily work: the commercial, design and production of our company that passionately contributes to affirm the Intesa Caffè as brand leader in the production and marketing of coffee in all its formats.