Caffè Brunido

We have been selecting, importing and roasting the best coffees in the world with care and passion for over a century.
Our range consists of a wide variety of blends to satisfy the most demanding of palates, and to ensure that managers can choose the most suitable blend for their bars. Our blends are composed of 5 to 8 qualities of coffee from different sources. Each blend is unique, and differs from the others in flavour, aroma and in the cup, always aiming for a perfect balance and combination of the best, robust Arabica qualities.
The traditional, natural roasting process – air-cooled and without the addition of foreign substances – preserves the quality of our blends throughout processing, packaging and storage until they are used.
All this allows us to spread the culture of Neapolitan espresso in Italy and abroad ... simply unique. The great passion for quality espresso, a sublime harmony of intense taste and very fine flavours, for a truly unique cup.


Brunido Caffè

La grande passione per l' espresso di qualità, una sublime armonia di gusto intenso e finissimi sapori, per una tazza veramente unica.

  • UTILIZZO: Linea Bar
  • TOSTATURA: media
  • AROMA: intenso
  • CORPO: bilanciato
  • GUSTO: soave